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Wrack Protector -

One of the most important aspects of the Wrack Protector is to guard the plant from “wrack” which is a technical term defining all the floating debris in the ocean, both natural (like sea grasses and coconuts) and human made (like lumber, plastic bags, and other debris).  To properly guard from wrack, it is important to size your protector to account for likely high water ranges during the critical 3-5 year stages of the planting before the plant develops its own wrack protect from its prop roots. 

The Wrack Protector also offers many other advantages, sometimes subtle, such as protection from predation and burning UV rays while the plant is in delicate stages.

  The Wrack Protector is translucent allowing a precise amount of light to the mangrove propagule to stimulate vertical growth (just like shading) without reducing plant health from lack of light.  Scientifically, the translucency is adjusted to maximize the plant’s natural production of gibberellic acid, which is a stem elongation growth hormone.

The Wrack Protector is not currently available in biodegradable form, therefore it must be removed in the field once the plant splits the tube.  Wrack Protector automatically leaves 2 small tags (one at the base and one at eye level) to document the planting and to warn the public not to disturb the federally protected mangrove planting. 

Note: if you will not have access to your plantings in 3-5 years to remove the Wrack Protector call us about the possibility of using a bio-degradable version of a wrack Protector since we will be testing various biodegradable versions for future market introduction.




Wrack Protector

Wrack Line Range

Wrack Protector length


Beta Tester

Less than 1 foot

Wrack Protector Not Required



1 foot to 3 feet

3 feet


$   3.60

3 to 4 feet
(Typical for
Florida /Caribbean)

4 feet


$   4.80

4 to 5 feet

5 feet


$   6.00

5 feet to 6 feet

6 feet



Greater than 5 feet

CALL, maximum

$4 + 2.00/foot

$2.40 +$1.20/ foot


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