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"Perfect Root" Anchoring -

The foundation must be protected from horizontal movement or subsidence (sinking into the ground) until the planted mangrove can develop its own root anchoring system.  The “Perfect Root” anchor is slotted to properly spread a Wrack Protector at the exact interface of the foundation so that roots are directed to the competition free soil provided inside the foundation.  This anchor is designed to degrade in 5-10 years providing trace amounts of iron nutrients to the mangrove tree in the process.  The larger diameter of the anchoring device, in engineering terms, makes it a “friction pile” which means it works as well in soft mucky environments as harder bottoms.  Site specific testing is recommended to determine the optimal anchoring depth to minimize costs and anchoring depth.  Occasionally, special site requirements may require drilling or slight repositioning to work around hard or rocky bottoms.


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"Soft-Bottom" Anchoring -

In areas where the substrate is soft and driving through a hard bottom isn't necessary, a biodegradable plastic anchor will be available. This anchoring system will serve the same purpose and will be as functional as the "Perfect Root" anchor, but will be less expensive for the clients with more managable (soft) substrate. Prices are coming soon...



“Perfect Root” Anchor

Depth when a 10 lbs (4.55 kg) lateral impact at the height of the chosen wrack protector does not move the anchor.*

“Perfect Root” Anchor Length
(Order 1 foot shorter when not using Mangrove Planter)


Beta Tester

Hard Bottom / 0 Feet
[Note: CALL]

1 foot


$   4.20

1 foot

2 feet


$   5.70

2 feet

3 feet


$   7.20

3 feet

4 feet


$   8.70

4 feet

5 feet


$  10.20

Greater than 4 feet



$2.70 + $1.50/foot


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