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Prices are FOB Sarasota, Florida and do not include sales tax, shipping or installation. 

If you would like assistance, we have trained site-testing staff that can professionally assess and recommend the appropriate components for your site.   We charge $500/acre plus expenses. (Assumes site is small enough to test in 4 hours or less…typically an acre maximum).  This testing fee is credited toward purchase of Reef Ball Red Mangrove components (excluding accessory tools or test kits) as long as the total purchase price of mangrove components exceeds $3,500.  If you would like us to install and plant the system, we can provide you a cost proposal in association with this site testing.  Although we recommend site testing to save minimizing anchoring/protector lengths and fertilizer requirements, if you want to do this yourself, give us a call and we can offer test kits, tools and advice.

If you are doing a large project or a project that involves erosion control, mitigation, monitoring or professional performance requirements…. we recommend a site visit by one of our trained Red Mangrove expert consultants.  Rates range from $600-$1,200/day plus expenses depending upon the qualifications of the expert.  These experts can provide you with customized  proposals for most anything related with your planting from permitting to professional monitoring.

If you are using Reef Ball bases below an armored cultivator pot and if your project has the potential to affect shoreline changes, we consider the project as a formal erosion control project.  Due to the potential liability involved when changing shoreline dynamics, we require engineering approval from a certified P.E. (Professional Engineer) carrying professional insurance to approve the project before installation.  Dr. Lee Harris, a consulting PE who teaches at Florida Institute of Technology has worked extensively with Reef Balls for erosion control and he is our recommended P.E. if you don’t already have a preferred P.E.

Please contact us before undertaking any mangrove plantings that are designed to affect shoreline changes so we can help insure you meet these requirements. 

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