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Reef Safe FERT DISCS™(Time Release Nutrients)

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Reef Safe FERT DISCS™: (Time Release Nutrients) -

Every gardener knows that fertilizers are important for optimal plant health and for natural resistance to diseases and pests. 
Working with Scott’s Osmocote™ technical division, we have developed gypsum encased, salt-water compatible, resin coated fertilizer discs that can release nutrients slowly up to a full year. 

We call our system of time released nutrients as Reef Safe Fert Discs™ because they don’t contribute to fertilizer run-off and they are shaped specifically to serve as the bottom lid of the armored cultivator pot.  When inserted in the bottom of the armored cultivator pot, the disc completes the full encasement of the soil inside the planter and serves as a tool to compact the soil tightly inside the armored cultivator pot.. 

The standard Reef Safe Fert Disc™ contains phosphorus that is quickly released inside the armored cultivator pot to encourage the Red mangrove propagule to quickly develop roots to fully occupy the interior of the armored cultivator pot protecting soil from wash out.  The formulation also includes a very slow but long duration release nitrogen fertilizer that promotes stem elongation and general rapid growth over the critical first year of the plant’s life.  Finally, a quick release iron supplement is added to promote chlorophyll production and greening since iron bio-availability is limited in the higher pH environment above the anoxic  (oxygen-less) seafloor where the shallower plant roots are first starting.

Although most applications use our standard Reef Safe Fert Discs™, the slow release system is customizable based on the nutrients already available to plants at your particular site.   This is particularly important if your mangrove-project is large or very close to sensitive ecosystems such as coral reefs, to avoid any possible run-off of excess fertilizer.  It’s simple to know when you need custom nutrition to be Reef Safe™…just determine the distance to nearby sensitive ecosystems (coral reefs, sea grass beds, etc.) and if the total number of discs you plan to plant times one meter is greater than the distance to the ecosystem then custom nutrient profiling is required.
If profiling is required, simple soil tests will be conducted and a custom formulation created for your discs.

Cost Per Standard Reef Safe Fert Disc™ = $7.00  (Beta Price $4.20)
Cost Per Custom Reef Safe Fert Disc™ =
Quantity: 1-100         $9.00  (Beta Price $5.40)
               .. 100-500     $8.00  (Beta Price $4.80)
               ...500+          $7.00   (Beta Price $4.20)
Cost for Disc without fertilizers = $3.50 (foundation bottom cap only) (Beta Price $3.00)

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