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Section B- Your Needs...

1b) How fast do you need mature trees?  [Lets us know the need for pre-potted plants or maximum attention/ minimal attention on nutrients and lighting]

2b) How do you prefer to work with us [From we do everything for you including the planting, maintence and monitoring to minimal assistance]. [We have full service consulting and contractors to do all the work in a turn key fashion if desired or we can work with you totally by email/mail and let you do it all yourselves with our remote guidance.]

3b) Do you have an approximate budget range in mind?

4b) Do you desire the foundation of your Red Mangrove tree to function biologically as a marine ecosystem? [foundation or root exposed to water all or most of the day]

5b) Do you have a specific timeframe of when you wish to plant your mangroves?  If so when?

6b) Does your project require permits? If so, do you already have them in hand? [If you require permit assistance please indicate this.]

7b) Are the mangroves to be planted in a location where you expect the mangroves will need to be kept trimmed?  If so, to what elevation?

8b) What supply do you have for propagules to use for planting? [Note: We do not supply the propagules because we prefer to use local stocks for better adapted genetics]

9b) What experiences have you had in planting mangroves in the past?

10b) Do you know how many mangroves your project would like to plant? [Or how much linear waterfront do you hope to plant with mangroves]

11b) What would be your definition of a successful project [erosion control, speed of growth, survival of plants, fulfilment of mitigation requirements, etc.]

12b) Will the site be accessible in 3-5 years for maintenance. [Note: Some configurations of our system require removal of non-biodegradable components after 3-5 years.]

We will be in touch to discuss a plan of action. Thank you.

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